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Re: Quote: Guess the author and God

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Dear Drew

Thank you for pointing out the error of my ways.  I would plead work
pressures but thats a cop out.  I could take the fifth or the marines No
excuses sir.  Or I plain made a mistake.

Having said that the opinion of who was the better Pres TR or WC still
stands.  But i am totally lost what is a bull moose besides being something
you don't drive over

a humble engineer hangs his head.....

Two other matters.

Outside our front entrance to the EA building (They never use nice names in
Australia)  is a new paved area.  In the middle is a space for a tree.  The
studnets or someone has pulled out severla attempted plantings.  Would have
been perfect spot for tree.  this morning arriving at work lugging umbrella
bag and coke (The stuff John Lennon snorted in the movie A Hard Days Night.)
comes in a red can.

There sitting in the hole for the tree is a huge rock.  Engineering solution
par excellence.  It wil take a D3 to move it.  For the  practicing
structural engineers I am sure someone will tell you about D3's.

In terms of this list and Bill and Dennis.  What about a debate between Bill
and Dennis face to face.  Drew could be MC.  Sell tickets chuck in a dinner.
Give money to charity.

Thought for topic  ::  At the second coming Jesus will be an engineer.

John Nichols

At 12:21 4/05/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Just for the record in re John Nichols' response to Valerie Eskelsen
>I (didn't) know Teddy Roosevelt, but he wasn't Franklin Delano, nor was he a
>Started republican, died a bull moose after seeing the error of his ways.
>Drew  Norman