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Re: Windows 98

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Right. Just like everyone else who thinks .dxf is "just the same" as .dwg. I
have two clients using MicroStation. Translation is so much of a joke that
one has added 5 AutoCAD stations and staff to accommodate their consultants
who are on AutoCAD. Trust me, nothing really "speaks" AutoCAD except R14
(and maybe LT97). One of my clients is very busy right now but can't find
any CAD help because he is running MicroStation. Too bad he's not running
AutoCAD. There are a plethora of educational facilities teaching AutoCAD.
AutoCAD is such a bad program it only has about 70% of the market share
world wide.

But, if you don't have to exchange files and only run about a half a dozen
applications, I guess any OS is O.K.

Bill Allen

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>If I did, I'd
>use Microstation, MiniCAD or Ashlar Vellum, all of which speak autoCAD.
>All the bellyaching (on this list and from colleagues) about what can't
>be done with autoCAD isn't much of a recommendation anyway.
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