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RE: Structural Design on the Pacific coast of Russia

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It's been a while since I've worked in Russia.  To the best of my knowledge the Russian building Codes or SNIP's are governed all over the Russian Federation, and should be in effect in Nahodka.  I am not sure what are the current regulations in Russia, but as far as seismic design you are probably better of designing it at least to the standards of Canadian codes or UBC, taking into the account the disastrous performance of Russian precast concrete buildings in Armenia and on Sakhalin Peninsula.

What are the materials they are planning to use?


Sasha Itsekson, PE

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Sent: 	Monday, May 04, 1998 1:42 AM
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Subject: 	Structural Design on the Pacific coast of Russia

Can anyone direct me to design data/codes or other sources that cover =
the Russian Pacific coast, in particular the port city of Nadhodka?

We have been commissioned to design single and storeyed housing for a =
local client in and around Nadhodka.  Also we need to access any special =
conditions or data for the design of structures in minus 40 deg C.  We =
note that "seismicity is 6 points".

Are codes readily available in English and in North America?

Thor Tandy  P.Eng
Victoria BC