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Re: Self Driving Caissons

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Dear Drew,

I think they call them ICBM's but you not not need to worry about ducks,  at
Mach 1 onto windshield they dead as door nails.  I can even think about what
G Kennedy an Austrailain comedian would say about the duck but I cannot
repeat it.

I remember reading about a British Test for windshields uing fired chickens.
Someone was using the method and rang up to complain cause kept breaking teh
windscreens.  British bloke said.  It helps if you thaw out chickens first.

Or the time BOAC borrowed an Aer Lingus plane.  When it was returned neatly
fastened to the cock pit was a sign fly green side up.

John Nichols

At 19:31 5/05/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Bill Allen, S.E. wrote:
>> Maybe you have to drop 'em from an airplane :o).
>> Regards,
>> Bill Allen
>> -
>> >Can you describe what a self-driving caisson is?  How
>> >is it different from a drilled, vibrated, screwed, or
>> >driven caisson?
>Maybe you could use the B-1 for this purpose?.  Cruise at Mach 1+ at a couple
>thousand feet elevation, put the nose down, dive toward the proposed location
>and release the caisson.  This should work if there are no ducks or other
>hostile species airborne at that time.