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RE: Windspeed in Brooklyn

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According to the ASCE 7-95 the 3 second gust speed is 110 to 120 mph

According to the New York State uniform fire prevention and building 

	803.4 WIND LOADS.  Minimum wind loads shall be in conformity with
Table V-803 and Table VI-803, and shall be applied normal to the 
These loads are based on a design wind velocity of 75 miles per hour 
at a
height of 30 feet above grade level.  Minimum wind loads on signs 
shall be
in conformity with reference standard RS-28.  [AMENDED EFFECTIVE JULY 
 Where RS-28 is the ASCE 7-88 which was based on the fastest mile wind 
and computed a bit differently.

Further, New York City also has its own building code which may 
contain other provisions.

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Subject:  Windspeed in Brooklyn

Can anyone out there tell me the design windspeed in Brooklyn?

Brian Veit, P.E.