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Re: Question for East Coast Engineers

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It has been my experience (though somewhat limited) that wind loads only
become a REAL problem in coastal areas here in the east.  While most of my
wood design experience is with residential structures in SBC 80 mph wind
zones, I have had the opportunity to work on some 4 and 5 story hotels and
apartment buildings in central and southern Florida.  In these situations,
lateral design is a VERY important consideration, requiring more than just a
cursory analysis.  For the balance of projects, however, Simpson H2.5's at
ea. roof truss and plywood shear walls w/ minimum nailing will almost always
be adequate.


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Date: Wednesday, May 06, 1998 10:39 AM
Subject: Question for East Coast Engineers

>Over the last few years, I have spoken to engineers and architects in
>various area's out east who design wood structures and have little or no
>conception of lateral design and shearwalls. Granted, most of those I ask
>are from other professional newsgroups and not generally from the SEAOC
>list, but I am confused since the threads on wind loads indicates design
>loads in excess of most of those we find on the west coast (110-120 mph 3
>second loads).
>When I ask about this, they simply state that they don't have to worry
>seismic in their part of the country.
>One engineer designed post and beam structures in Martha's Vineyards and
>seemed unaware that the structure would be affected by lateral motion.
>What are the facts. Don't the engineers on the east coast consider lateral
>design for wind or are am I confusing area's were Brick buildings are the
>I'm curious since this would imply that there is a difference in knowledge
>related to load path and tying a structure together laterally.
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