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Re: Question for East Coast Engineers

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The section of PA where I live the design wind speed, for buildings, is 70 to 80 mph with a 1.33 Wind Gust Factor. Because of the foundation that I work with we do Airport Wind Loading for some structures which is 200 mph Aircraft winds. Also some of the High Tower and Pole Loads have Moments that run into the 1000 Kip range.  

However; Seismic loads are not a required consideration except in some government projects (Power Plant, etc..)   :^(   
And of course many people in this area seem to believe that Steel Frame and Joists or CMU and Joist with composite decking will take care of the seismic consideration since it is so much smaller than the Wind Load.

Our major concern with the Ground in PA is not Seismic but Frost Expansion (ICE).

This is PA Not CA you don't seriously think ..... Yeah Right

Robert Stevens, P.E.

Unless like me you are a very conservative type and check it out any way. ;-)
I lived out your way and am a firm believer in checking everything.