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Re: Retaining wall design

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Trobridge, Bruce wrote:
> I am designing a series of cantilevered retaining walls.  I am trying
> to figure out whether or not I should consider the upward pressure
> from the soil in designing the heel.  I have looked in several books
> and they seem to waffle back and forth from one book to the next.
>  Some saying to include it, some saying to disregard it.   While it is
> more conservative not to include it, I was not sure.  Any thoughts?
> Bruce C. Trobridge
> Assistant Building Structural Engineer
> NYS Office of General Services

I think it's more a matter of engineering judgement since, as you
noticed, there are no clear cut recommendations in the references. I
usually take the uppward pressure into account but I reduce it by 1/2 to
be on the conservative side.

Moni Serhal