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Re: Licensing Question for New York Engineers

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     Yes, a PE license is required.  However, there is no requirement for
     passing an SE exam in order to practice structural engineering.  My
     understanding is that an "all structural" (SE type) exam is now
     offered as an option but passing it would still only result in a PE
     license.  Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

     John Hubert

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Subject: Licensing Question for New York Engineers
Author:  BVeit(--nospam--at) at Internet
Date:    5/7/98 3:47

Is a license, such as a P.E. or equivalent, required for structural design in
New York?

I recently met a New York engineer with a big firm, and his card listed his
title as "Senior Structural Engineer."  Later I found out he wasn't even a
P.E.  This would be illegal in CA, I believe.

Just curious, not intending to offend,
Brian Veit, P.E.