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Masonry Sound Walls

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I am designing a 17 foot tall masonry sound wall and would like to use 12
CMU with out a concrete stem wall. The UBC section 2106.2.4 says to find the
effective height of a wall not supported at the top you need to multiply the
height by two. Section  2107.2.14.2 says walls with a " h'/t > 30 shall be
based on force and moments determined from an analysis of the structure".
Would a "P-delta" analysis using the cracked moment of inertia be the type
of analysis the code is trying to get. I would use 3/8(Rw) times the
deflection for the additional moment due to the wall dead load. Along our
Freeways in California Caltrans is building block sound walls which at 80
MPH seam to have h'/t > 30. 

The Ultimate Strength design section of the code on Masonry is not written
for cantilever walls. Has anyone used the Ultimate Strength design for
cantilever walls. Is there any information published on cantilever walls
analyzed using Ultimate Strength design.  


Acie Chance