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Re: Retaining wall design

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Here's my $0.02:

1. If you want a quick, conservative design, neglect the upward pressure on
the heel.

2. If maximum construction economy is the goal, consider the upward load on
the heel.

Alot of times, level of engineering is related to engineering fees paid.  I
can come up with a safe, conservative design in less time, but construction
cost may increase.  If I am paid adequately to do a more detailed design, I
can trim the construction costs and still have a safe (but less
design.  I follow the old adage "good, fast, and cheap - pick only two".
Since I always want to do a "good" job professionally, a choice must be made
between fast and cheap.  (These can apply both to overall schedule to
the work and to level of effort to complete work.)  Of course, the common
problem is that most clients "want it all".