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Re: FW: Stainless shapes

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>> I need to use stainless steel structural shapes for a wastewater treatment
>> application.  Does anyone know what rolled shapes are available?
>> I need channels and wide flange or S shapes.
>> Thanks

Unless things have changed in the last ten years, there are few rolled
shapes available in stainless steel unless you have enough quantity for a
mill run.  I haven't used any large stainless shapes lately.  In the past I
generally had to weld or bend plate or use builtup members (angles and
plate or plates) to get shapes that were large enough for my uses.

My copy of the Joseph T. Ryerson & Son, Inc. catalog shows some limited
stainless shapes (W6x8.4 is the largest).  The phone number on the catalog
is 312/762-2121.

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