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The appropriiate information was too many pages to fax.  I mailed you
copies of portions of this manual the other day.  You should receive them
very soon.  While these few pages will be useful to you, you should know
that there is important information in this book  that I did not fax .  I
suggest you try to borrow a copy from a colleague.  Some other manuals have
nearly the same information as NEHRP FEMA-178 see if you can find FEMA-154
or better yet ATC 14.  Some manuals I don't have and might be usefull are
ATC21 and ATC22 maybe even ATC-28.  Did you order from ATC @ 415-595-1542?

Good Luck,

David Carpenter

At 06:49 PM 5/7/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi fellows:
>I am still looking for someone to fax me the portions of the 
>the guidelines (contained in the Handbook) for Seismic Evaluation of Existing
>I am talking about a ONE STORY, wood framed, wood stud supported building
>plywood roof diaphragem and plywood shear walls.
>"Dave" promised to fax me the applicable
>portions...................unfortunately I did not save his e-mail address.
>Antonio S. "Tony" Luisoni
>Consulting SE
>phone/fax 818-363-6531
>P.S. I did order the Handbook through the 800-480-2550 already 3 TIMES  since
>March, but nothing arrived yet!!!!!!