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RE: CORTEN steel

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One more bit of info on Corten (a proprietary name for the material
currently under ASTM A588, A242 and for bridges, A709 GR 50, 70 and 100).
The FHWA has put out three reports on the performance of weathering steel in
bridge applications, including recommendations for evaluating where/when it
is an appropriate material.  The gist of these recommendations are that if
not used in marine environments, locations with persistent heavy fog, places
exposed to heavy applications of road salt, "tunnel-like" underpasses and
other locations where the steel is likely to remain wet for long periods of
time, it performs well.  I haven't seen the third phase report (1995,
available from AISI for $10), but the second phase report (1989) indicated
that problems with continuing corrosion of bridges were concentrated in the
Detroit area where most of the above conditions exist, as well as a large
concentration of heavy industries.

Other frequent "problems" have been with staining of piers which can be
prevented or minimized by sealing the concrete or wrapping it in plastic
during construction (when the initial rusting occurs).

Someone mentioned a prefab bridge  manufacturer who uses it.  Actually,
there are several:  Steadfast Bridges;  Continental Bridge; Big R

Tony Powers

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> Roger, Rob and Bob-
> Thanks for the input on COR-TEN.  That helps a lot and points me in the
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> direction.
> I love this list!!!  A great help and a wealth of knowledge.
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