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RE: Question for East Coast Engineers

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These are good questions and many of them were thoroughly discussed by the
Conventional Framing task force as they worked to re-write the provisions.
I believe that they appear in the 1997 UBC.  Probably the most important
part of those provisions is a reasonable definintion of what constitutes a
"regular shape."  This was the biggest area of problems in the previous

The new provisions provide spacing requirements for cross walls, maximum
offsets in walls, and minimize the potential for re-entrant corners.  I do
not remember if there is a header schedule or not.  The point is that most
of what you have talked about is covered in these procedures.

The question on liability is one that I don't think anyone can answer with
anything more than an opinion.  That will be an issue that the individual
engineer will need to consider when they are asked to design one beam or
one shear panel out of the entire building.