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Re: CORTEN steel

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With close to 40 years of files (I am a pack rat; I am afraid to throw 
something away since when I do, I find that I need the information the next 
day) and a memory of things that change almost as frequently as the years 
pass, it sometimes takes me a while to find something.  I *do* try to keep my 
filing system as simple as possible, but abandoned the one pile system years 

I remember well Gerry Haaijer's presentation on the U S Steel Building to the 
Tucson Chapter of SEAOA.  Since the exterior columns of the building are 
exposed COR-TEN steel, but had to be fire resistive, it was decided to fill 
them with water to absorb any heat from a fire.  Fires get hot, but 
Pittsburgh also gets cold, so U S Steel called National Carbide to get a 
price on Prestone, by the tank car load.

I still have Gerry Haaijer's business card --- the one that is printed on 

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

. > Roger:
. > 
. > I Agree there are many problems that do not appear to have been though 
. > out, anyone that wants to use CORTEN should be aware of its good and bad
. > properties like we all would for any material. CORTEN Steel is a good Idea
. > that does not seem to have worked out like the manufacturer intended. 
. > 
. > One reason I enjoy this List is number of curious (the type that did out
. > answers not the type that are strange) people. 
. > 
. > Anyway best wishes to Lynn on his design and I hope he lets us know how it
. > turns out.
. > 
. > Robert W. Stevens, Jr., P.E.  
. >