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Re: Tornadic Gust Wind Speeds vs Seismic

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I think the idea of requiring a tornado resistant shelter makes sense in
areas but I don't think it makes as much sense even to try to design normal
homes and commercial buildings to withstand tornado forces, other than
requiring certain details such as "hurricane anchors".  It is hard to
risk factors for tornados with risk factors for earthquakes, because
earthquakes affect all structures within a given area, whereas tornados
a relatively narrow path.  Thus a given city or county may have a
risk of being hit by tornados but the risk for a single building would be

I think that it might be logical to
treat these forces in the same way seismic loads are treated, going to
nonelastic behavior and trying to avoid total collapse while accepting
some damage.  Another consideration is requiring that a resistant
shelter or room be furnished buildings in relatively high risk areas
(some building owners do this on their own around here