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RE: Self Driving Caissons

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Hey Mike,

Yes, the 58 bridge caissons would be considered self-driven.  I don't
if you ever saw it, but we have the RE's report from when the 58 bridge
built.  There are pictures that show the caisson during construction and
there is a fairly detailed explanation of how they settled the caisson
bedrock.  It is very interesting.  At one point they encountered uneven
bedrock under the caisson which would cause it to tilt as it dropped.
blasted the bedrock and cracked the caisson almost full height.  That is
one of the cells of one of the caissons was filled with concrete.

Take Care,

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Hello Chris,

Thanks for the pictures of the restrainer beams test you sent a couple
weeks ago.  Concerning self-driving caissons, I assume Piers 2 and 3 of
the 28
Carquinez Bridge would be a good example of a self-driving caisson.  How
caissons at the 58 bridge - were they self driven?