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Re: Internships for summer?

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The summer intern program is a great Idea and definitely win/win while they
are working for you.

Over the 20 years that we operated our Small Engineering Firm my wife, my
partner and I had several youngsters go through our office. Some were in
our life for several years some only one summer, all of them made some

We are proud of what all of them did after passing through our lives. One
(a Florida State Cheerleader ) became a Human Relations Person at a large
engineering firm. One, who had problems at home, went on to get his
engineering license and worked for a firm in the development of the Space
Shuttle. Another, the average boy next door, obtained his license and
worked for a while on the Alaskan Pipe Line now works hear in Pittsburgh as
part of a small engineering firm. We even had one who went out and joined
the Navy went to Annapolis (they graduate with a BA in Engineering) and
worked in Intelligence (Carried the launch codes for the President) the
last we heard he was posted to an Embassy.

When ever they come home they have all made a point of stopping to see us.

Like you said its a Win/Win Situation. I would urge anyone who can to
extend his hand and knowledge the returns are greater than you can imagine.

Robert W. Stevens, Jr., P.E.
Consulting Engineer