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RE: Internships for summer?

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Agreed! I attended Northeastern University where COOP is an integral 
part of the curriculum.  I had the opportunity to work both in the 
office and in the field.  I feel some experience in both of these 
areas is crucial for young engineers.  There is probably as much 
difference between the classroom and the office as there is between 
the office and the field.  What may look good in the office on paper 
may not work or be understood in the field.  The more exposure to 
design and construction, even if running errands for the office or 
estimating in the job trailer, the better rounded engineer you will 

Bruce C. Trobridge
Assistant Building Structural Engineer
NYS Office of General Services

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I agree with all the other engineers.  As a graduating Cal Poly ARCE
(Architectural Engineer) student, I feel that getting some 
experience before graduation is very important.  I had worked with a
structural engineer for a couple of years, and i am currently working 
with an
architect doing structural calculations.  I feel that my work 
experience has
made me comfortable with design and also very familiar with the 
codes.  There are a lot of students that I am graduating with that 
have not
even been inside a engineering office, although they are straight A 
they don't know one thing about putting a detail together or how to 
draw and
read a framing plan, but when you ask them to prove a strucutural 
theory they
can fill up a board with equations.

I think it is important for students to spend their summers working 
for an
engineers office, even just running errands or answering phone calls.

My two cents worth
Cal Poly, SLO