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RE: 1Meg modem w/ DSLine: $20./mo?

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We tried to order it where I work however it is not available in my area.  I live about 30 miles to the east of Birmingham but do not fall under BellSouth coverage, thus I don't know if they are testing it there.  Our GTE representative said that they are rapidly expanding coverage of DSL out west.  You California guys maybe the first ones to get it.  Though we can't get DSL we were able to get an equivalent.  We ordered what's called a dry pair loop.  The phone company runs a copper line from our office to their switchhouse and then to our ISP.  The line is attached directly to his T1 line.  Speeds are supposed to be up to 200x (8.8k).  Our cost from the phone company is $40.00/month + whatever our ISP is charging us for his T1.  We also are going to have to purchase (2) ADSL modems @ $1100.00 a pop.  For a two man office that's pretty steep, but time is money.  Installation should be in a couple of weeks.  I'll let y'all know how it turns out.

John Jones
Pell City, AL

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Please note that the following is based solely on my limited personal

DSL is the phone companies' answer to cable modems.  They run off of
existing copper lines and will be much faster than cable modems.  I don't
recall off the top of my head exactly what speeds they support, but 1 mbps
does not sound unreasonable.  To my knowledge, there is currently no wide
spread implementation anywhere in the US, only a handful of 'test-beds'.
Regarding pricing, that will depend on your local telco (Pacbell or US West
in your area?).  I think that I heard recently of a Bell South test area in
Birmingham, AL that was charging subscribers about $30 / month.  I have not
yet seen equipment for sale yet.  I am under the impression, that if DSL is
available in your area, you would lease the modem from the telco.

Everything I have read about this technology makes me think that it will be
the best we can hope for until all homes and businesses are wired with fiber
(or whatever new transmission medium comes along).  The plusses are that it
runs off plain copper wire, and that the telcos are worried about losing
business to other utilities (the cable industry) especially with the advent
of internet phone systems.  The only drawback I can think of is
infrastructure related:  I believe that there is a practical limit on the
distance between your modem and the nearest switching office of about 1

It all boils down to this:  If DSL is available in your neighborhood,  GET
IT!!!  If not, you might be in for a long wait.

Sherman D. (Dan) Vines, EIT
Heery International
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Date: Monday, May 11, 1998 3:15 PM
Subject: 1Meg modem w/ DSLine: $20./mo?

>     I heard about a much faster system becoming or now available . I was
>listening to the " kim commando computer radio show ". Can anyone tell more
>about the DSL : digital subscriber line . Is it available yet and is it
>$20.00 per month as i heard? Also is the 1Meg modem been seen yet
>17 times faster than a 56k ) and is it $150.00? Now with these and a
>computer camera are we ready for video conferencing soon?
>     This subject came up three months ago and it was suggested that it
>be 10 months to be practical but it appears to be coming faster. I would
>really appreciate any updates on this .
>     Thanks in advance.
>     Tom Harris , SE
>     Thousand Oaks, CA
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