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AutoCad Center Line & Plate Symbols

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I developed the symbols for centerline and plate for AutoCad back in 1989 and 
modified the "SIMPLEX.SHP" file, replacing the reverse apostrophe and the 
tilde symbols, respectively, with the centerline and plate symbols.  This 
should work also for the ROMANS font.  If you already have substituted other 
symbols that you *need* for these keys, replace the numbers in square 
brackets with some unused numbers between 130 and 255, preferably replacing a 
key so that you do not have to use the %%nnn technique.  Do NOT include the 
square brackets.  (See AutoCad Customization Manual.)

To modify your font file, load your .SHP file into a text editor and add (or 
replace a key symbol) with the following:



After the .SHP file is modified, it must be COMPILEd into a .SHX file in 
order to be used by AutoCad.

Note, if you can't find a .SHP file on your hard drive, look on the 
AutoCad installation disks as they are *there*, somewhere.  Otherwise, you 
will have to use a program such as SHX2SHP to convert the .SHX file to a .SHP 
file for modification.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona