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Re: On-line library

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That is a good suggestion and worth looking into. I will pass this
suggestion to James Lord, our State CAC chair. I know there is lot more to
it than meets the eye. Especially the copyright laws etc.


At 5/12/98 03:36 PM, you wrote:
>I've been receiving advertisements for Building Codes, ACI Reports and
>Standard Practices, AWS Standards, etc. on CD.  Many clearly ought to be on
>the shelf or in the disk-stack in the office of any practicing structural
>engineer.  But, some of them, I may have need to refer to no more than
once or
>twice before the next cycle of changes calls for buying the next set -- at
>$400 to $600 per CD, that's hard to justify.  Instead, since every engineer
>seems to have a unique collection of reference that matches their niches,
>call around and see who has the stuff I need that I could borrow when I need
>it; and I tend to be liberal lender in return.
>Would it be possible for SEAOC to open a library of references on CD that
>could be accessed and downloaded by email.  Or opened from a web page? Free
>would be ideal for us little guys, of-course, but subscription, or pay-per-
>download (to pay for the librarian and the costs of CD purchases) would
make a
>lot of sense.  
>After all, what's an association for?
>Nels Roselund
>Structural Engineer