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Re: ISDN w/ modem for $65/mo.?

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By Paul Festa
                 Staff Writer, CNET NEWS.COM
                 April 13, 1998, 12:45 p.m. PT

                 In a move aimed at speeding up the nation's
                 telecommute, GTE  today announced it will
                 roll out high-speed ADSL service in 16 states,
                 starting in June.
                 ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) is an
                 Internet access technology that uses conventional
                 copper telephone lines to provide access at speeds
                 of up to 8 mbps. The technology lets users talk on
                 the phone and surf the Internet simultaneously over
                 the same line.
                GTE will divide its ADSL offering into five
                 categories tailored to various markets. On the low
                 end, casual consumer Internet users can purchase
                 access at 256 kbps. The increasingly speedy and
                 expensive categories offer service at 384 kbps,
                 768 kbps, and 1.5 mbps. The company also will
                 offer solutions with throughput higher than 1.5
                 mbps on a custom basis.
                For consumers, GTE's ADSL service may prove
                 costly compared to today's common $20 to $25
                 monthly rate for unlimited Internet access. GTE's
                 low-end 256-kbps service will cost $40 per month,
                 but the consumer must also pay for Net access
                 from an Internet service provider. In addition to
                 those monthly charges, users will shell out for an
                 ADSL modem, which costs $300 or leases for $12
                 per month from GTE. Getting started requires
                 another chunk of change: installation costs $60 for
                 the outside wiring and $80 for the inside wiring.
                ADSL will compete head to head with other
                 high-speed access technologies, including cable
                 access from companies such as @Home and Time
                 Warner's Road Runner. GTE itself offers cable Net
                 access in Florida and California markets.
                GTE is currently hammering out deals with ISPs to
                 provide the service, but the company declined to
                 disclose which ones. GTE has 425,000 of its own
                 subscribers through its GTE Internetworking
                 division, through which it will offer a $60 rate for
                 combined Internet access and ADSL service.

                 GTE will begin rolling out the ADSL service in June
                 in the following states: California, Florida, Hawaii,
                 Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina,
                 Oregon, Texas, and Washington. Michigan, Ohio,
                 and Virginia are scheduled to follow in July. GTE
                 will add Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin in
                 the fall.