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Re: Blast Resistant Doors

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My thanks to Harold, James, Nick and Patrick for their response. I'll follow
up on the references.

James - My inquiry is in response to a client request to replace two damaged
blast resistant doors at an existing structure. The structure was built during
the 60's and was designed to be blast resistant for nuclear explosions(I guess
that explains why the doors' exterior skin is 3" thick steel). Unfortunately,
the building manager did not have the as-builts on site during the time of my
site visit so I couldn't verify the original design loadings. However, I would
hazard to guess that the design blast pressure was in the 100 psi range. One
of the doors still included the manufacturer's label(i.e., Mosler Nuclear).
Since it is my understanding that said company was no longer in this business,
I posted my question hoping to obtain similar manufacturer references to
obtain pricing.