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RE: AutoCad Center Line & Plate Symbols

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>> I developed the symbols for centerline and plate for AutoCAD back in 1989 and 
modified the "SIMPLEX.SHP" file, replacing the reverse apostrophe and the 
tilde symbols, respectively, with the centerline and plate symbols.  This 
should work also for the ROMANS font. <<

Good work, but I would recommend against using the standard AutoCAD name for a modified SHP/SHX file. When you exchange drawings with other people, the possibility of the wrong version of the font being used is very high unless you're working with extremely savvy AutoCAD users. The result will be that the recipients of your drawings won't see or plot your special symbols.

Instead, give your version a custom name (e.g., SimpTurk.shx or RomsTurk.shx). As with all custom fonts, you must send it along with the DWG files when exchanging drawings.

- Mark Middlebrook