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RE: AutoCad Center Line & Plate Symbols

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I agree!  In fact I had named the font, "SIMPCLPL.SHP" to let me know what it 
contained that was different and that it was a modification of the SIMPLEX 
font.  (A little detail that I neglected to mention!) I also send it and any 
custom hatch patterns along with any drawings that I send electronically.

I am very cautious when I modify files, either copying the original file to 
something that I will work on, or copying the original file to a file with 
the extension .SAF, and then modifying the original.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Mark Middlebrook wrote:

. > Good work, but I would recommend against using the standard AutoCAD name 
. > for a modified SHP/SHX file. When you exchange drawings with other 
. > people, the possibility of the wrong version of the font being used is 
. > very high unless you're working with extremely savvy AutoCAD users. The 
. > result will be that the recipients of your drawings won't see or plot 
. > your special symbols.
. > 
. > Instead, give your version a custom name (e.g., SimpTurk.shx or 
. > RomsTurk.shx). As with all custom fonts, you must send it along with the 
. > DWG files when exchanging drawings.
. > 
. > - Mark Middlebrook