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RE: Steel Jacketing of RC columns

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How about that composite "wound" reinforcing company.  Can't recall the
name but am remembering a fiberglass? strand continuously laid in a
vinyl ester or epoxy type adhesive in spiral fashion around existing
columns.  System is designed in "layers" to provide the needed
strengthening.  Can do round and rectangular.  Was created as seismic
reinforcing system to upgrade in place highway structures, but they have
done what you describe as well.  Anyone remember the company name?

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>Subject:	Steel Jacketing of RC columns
>Regards yo'all
>I need to reinforce some old RC columns with minimum enlargement of
>columns for Architectural reasons. I'm thinking of steel jacketing the
>columns then applying a scratch and a brown coat of Portland Cement
>plaster over welded wire lath to protect the steel which I won't treat
>with any anti-corrosion paint.
>So do u guys think this is an acceptable detail ?
>Moni Serhal