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RE: Steel Jacketing of RC columns

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I went to a SEAOSC seminar a while back where a professor at either the
University of Arizona or Arizona State has developed a system for
reinforcing existing brick walls with an applied layer or layers of
fiberglass. This seems relatively "low tech" and you should contact him for
info/consultation. I believe Roger Turk may have his telephone number/other

Bill Allen

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Subject: Re: Steel Jacketing of RC columns

Germaine, Bob/CVO wrote:
> How about carbon-fiber reinforcing?
> Bob Germaine

The columns are rectangular so I don't think the carbon fiber wraps
would work properly, but most importantly, I forgot to mention that I'm
in Lebanon so it's a third world country with a bizarre mixture of
unskilled-unprofessional-sneaky labor. So I try to use as low tech a
method as possible since specifying advanced techniques that will be
badly executed on site would be useless.


Moni Serhal
MSCE UT Austin