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Re: Steel Jacketing of RC columns

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Germaine, Bob/CVO wrote:
> Aberdeen's Concrete Repair (April/May 1996) had a discussion about the
> system.  They reference the following companies:

I have Peter Emmons' Concrete Repair and Maintenance Illustrated, ACI
SP-160's Seismic Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures, NEHRP's
Techniques for Seismically Rehabilitating Existing Buildings, ATC-40,
and I looked into about 2 years of ACI's Structural Journal and Concrete
International. I could only find one paper on steel jacketing by Jirsa
but it was a full solid jacket and it did not cover the issue of
corrosion protection of that jacket.

What I'm thinking of doing is putting vertical steel angles at the
column corners and weld steel plates at distances of d/2 then dry
packing between the steel and the existing concrete then applying two
coats of PC plaster over lath. This is not expensive and doesn't require
highly skilled labor. But I need some encouragement or a throw of ripe
tomatoes from my peers :)


Moni Serhal