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RE: Steel Jacketing of RC columns

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Hexcel Fyfe in Del Mar, CA makes a product called Tyfo W that can be
used to  retrofit brick and masonry walls. They also make Tyfo S for
retrofiting columns, beams, bent caps, piers,...yada...yada...yada (oh,
Seinfeld is on tonight). And yes, they can be circular, rectangular,
hexagonal, octagonal, flared, etc...
I'm assuming they're still around. Try 1-619-792-1501

Calvin Lee, P.E.

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> I went to a SEAOSC seminar a while back where a professor at either
> the
> University of Arizona or Arizona State has developed a system for
> reinforcing existing brick walls with an applied layer or layers of
> fiberglass. This seems relatively "low tech" and you should contact
> him for
> info/consultation. I believe Roger Turk may have his telephone
> number/other
> info.
> Regards,
> Bill Allen