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RE: Steel Jacketing of RC columns

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Maybe you can suggest to Mr. Ehsani when you go to this meeting that he
should have a website. Once done, maybe he should advertise it on the SEAOSC
web site. It seems like this question comes up every few months.


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Subject: RE: Steel Jacketing of RC columns

Bill Allen wrote:

. > I went to a SEAOSC seminar a while back where a professor at either the
. > University of Arizona or Arizona State has developed a system for
. > reinforcing existing brick walls with an applied layer or layers of
. > fiberglass. This seems relatively "low tech" and you should contact him
. > for info/consultation. I believe Roger Turk may have his telephone
. > number/other info.

The person's name is Mo Ehsani and he has a fiber composite system that is
epoxied to the structural element.  He is going to give a presentation to
Tucson Chapter, SEAOA meeting next Wednesday, May 20th, noon, so if anyone
wants to get in touch with him, come to the meeting! ;-)  (Seriously, I will
get contact information from him at the meeting and post it then.  If you
can't wait, let me know and I will find out ASAP.)

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona