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RE: Mexico/South American Code

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De: Freilinger, Shawn W <Shawn(--nospam--at)>
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Fecha: Jueves 14 de Mayo de 1998 12:53
Asunto: Mexico/South American Code

>I work for a communication tower manufacture.
>We've been doing a lot of work in Mexico and South America as of
>We are finding it hard to compete with other tower manufactures in
>region (regardless of shipping costs).  We have been using the
>EIA/TIA-222-F code for the design of our towers, but the local
>manufactures seem to be using a local structural code that allows for
>slightly different wind loading than EIA/TIA-222-F.
>Does anyone know about building codes in Mexico/South America and
>we could obtain an English translation?
>Thanks for any help you can provide!

I live and work in Argentina, our code is de CIRSOC (Centro de
Investigaciones de los Reglamentos nacionales de Seguridad para las
Obras Civiles).
The CIRSOC 102, define Wind Loads with the speed in the all country.
I think that there is only in spanish. if you need it, please send me
an e-mail out of the list.

Ing. Juan Constantinidis
e-mail: info(--nospam--at)
Te/Fax: (54) (1) 245-8279