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RE: H2O at bot of forms

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Worst case: May have to make major repairs at bottom of wall due to

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> Sent: 	Thursday, May 14, 1998 12:32 PM
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> Subject: 	Re:  H2O at  bot of forms
> Al and Charley:
> The forms are steel forms that go from the top of footing to the 15
> foot height.  Therefore, removing a portion of the form is to remove
> several form panels to adequately access the 2x4 continuous key way. 
> The key way is not accessible to use a pump to remove the water due to
> the reinforcing steel (2 curtains), without removing the form work. 
> By the time a portion of the form work is removed and replaced, there
> is a good chance that water will collect in the key again (forecast
> for rain everyday for the next week).
> As you might be aware, the project is on a fast track.  The owner does
> not want to postpone construction due to rain, unless absolutely
> necessary.  I need to be able to justify stopping construction or
> proceeding.
> In other words, what are the risks and worst case scenario?  I need a
> comfort level.
> Thank you.
> Mike