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Re: Need "Flitch-plate" design example

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Thor Tandy
-----Original Message-----
From: Ed Marshall
To: ''
Date: Thursday, May 14, 1998 3:43 PM
Subject: RE: Need +ACI-Flitch-plate+ACI- design example

+AD4-Sounds like we may be thinking of different things.  The flitch plate
+AD4-beams I'm thinking of are assemblies with a vertical steel plate
+AD4-sandwiched between doubled-up joists.  It is not a composite design in
+AD4-that there is no horizontal shear transfer.   The typical application is
+AD4-a location where beam depth is restricted.  A pair of 2x10's with a
+AD4-1/4+ACI-x 9 1/4+ACI- plate assembled together makes a 3.25' wide beam, but has
+AD4-roughly the stiffness of an 8x10 timber.  
+AD4-Ed Marshall
+AD4APg- -----Original Message-----
+AD4APg- From: Bill Allen, S.E.
+AD4APg- Sent: Thursday, May 14, 1998 6:07 PM
+AD4APg- To:
+AD4APg- Subject: RE: Need +ACI-Flitch-plate+ACI- design example
+AD4APg- I guess where I am +ACI-extrapolating+ACI- information is with regards to GLB
+AD4APg- strengthening. Years ago, I occasionally reinforced overstressed GLBs
+AD4APg- using
+AD4APg- this method. I then ran into a GLB expert (one who has 40 years
+AD4APg- experience
+AD4APg- and now spends a lot of time in court as an expert witness) who said
+AD4APg- this is
+AD4APg- a bad idea and will not perform over the long haul.
+AD4APg- With regards to residential construction, collar ties seem to perform
+AD4APg- well
+AD4APg- too, but they won't +ACI-calc out+ACI- based on some of the modeling I have
+AD4APg- done
+AD4APg- (due to horizontal deflection).
+AD4APg- My previous post was my +ACQ-0.02 and was merely cautionary. My friend
+AD4APg- Dennis
+AD4APg- Wish can do whatever he desires.
+AD4APg- Regards,
+AD4APg- Bill Allen
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