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RE: Need "Flitch-plate" design example

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Sure, steel is stiffer than wood, but wouldn't the steel plates have to span
to the reactions in order to get deflection compatibility? Otherwise, how
does the load get into the steel plates?

Bill Allen

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Subject: RE: Need "Flitch-plate" design example

I have used steel plates to reinforce wood beams, but never with the steel
just one side.  The way I looked at it was if you could use steel side
plate bolted connections on wood members you should be able to bolt steel
side plates to a beam to reinforce it.  The criteria is that the steel side
plates must deflect vertically the same amount as the wood beam and then
install enough bolts so that that portion of the load is distributed to the
steel plates.  Because steel is so much stiffer than wood, steel usually
up taking about 90% of the load.

For spacing of the bolts along the compression edge of the steel plate, I
AISC's maximum spacing of bolts for a cover plate on a built up member

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona