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Re: Need "Flitch-plate" design example

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The same way it gets transfered to multiple timber plies?  The idea is to make the composite section perform monolithically.  The problem of handling the relative stiffnesses etc is no different from steel to concrete or fibre wrap to concrete etc.  In multiple plies we design the bolting required as if one ply takes a portion of the load.  A flitch plate lies in the same plane as the timber beam(s) and it could be reasoned that if the bolting  is sufficient to restrain the potential buckling of any of the plies than any VQ/I will probably be carried by friction between the plies.  I venture that any VQ/I  will usually be less than the available friction?

I sure enjoy the outpouring a simple question generates :-))

Thor Tandy

Subject: RE: Need "Flitch-plate" design example

>Dumb question time...
>So, if the load doesn't transfer to the steel plates via VQ/I action, how
>does it get there?
>Bill Allen

>Subject: RE: Need "Flitch-plate" design example
>Sounds like we may be thinking of different things.  The flitch plate
>beams I'm thinking of are assemblies with a vertical steel plate.......
>........roughly the stiffness of an 8x10 timber.
>Ed Marshall
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>> Subject: RE: Need "Flitch-plate" design example
>> I guess where I am "extrapolating" information is with regards to GLB
>> strengthening. Years ago, I occasionally reinforced overstressed GLBs
>> using
>> this method. I then ran into a GLB expert (one who has 40+ years
>> experience
>> and now spends a lot of time in court as an expert witness) who said
>> this is
>> a bad idea and will not perform over the long haul.
>> With regards to residential construction, collar ties seem to perform
>> well
>> too, but they won't "calc out" based on some of the modeling I have
>> done
>> (due to horizontal deflection).
>> My previous post was my $0.02 and was merely cautionary. My friend
>> Dennis
>> Wish can do whatever he desires.
>> Regards,
>> Bill Allen