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Re: Granite Cladding (without mechanical fasteners)

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Indeed. In my  country a lot of people rely alot on the advice of
contractors especially if it's structural. The great majority are not
structural engineers and use only 'vast' experience, not realizing that
engineering is a science. Many times I have proven their advice wrong and
dangerous in some cases. The fact of the matter is that they are good
project or construction managers. This applies to all engineers who have
left the profession to become contractors.

>We don't use adhesive for granite cladding in California, period. I
>think you should design some steel inserts in the concrete and attached
>to the connectors of the granite.  If I were you, I would not let the
>contractor do what he think or use to do his way.
>Tom Chiu, SE
>K. Hemmatyar wrote:
>> Tom:
>> Building Code of Canada 'classification Vancouver's specifications are as
>> follows:
>> Seismic Zone = 4
>> Za (acceleration related seismic zone) = Zv (velocity related seismic
>> = 4.0
>> v = 0.20 (zonal velocity ration)
>> I spoke to one of the colleagues here. He said similar applications have
>> been done.
>> However the issue is the appropriate installation method and adhesive
>> The problem with temperature expansion also effects in long run.
>> I need the information about the "proven" installation procedure.
>> Thanks
>> Kasey Hemmatyar, P. Eng. (structural)
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>> >Tom Chiu wrote:
>> >
>> >I doubt that adhesive agent for granites is applicable in earthquake
>> >countries.  Isn't Vancouver Zone 2 or 3?
>> >
>> >Good luck,
>> >Tom Chiu, SE
>> >
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>> >>K. Hemmatyar wrote:
>> >>
>> >> I am presently working on a project which involves the design of
>> >> installation method of Granite Cladding on a new 4 storey concrete
>> >> building. The Granites are 18"x18"x3/4" and the contractor prefers to
>> >> install them by adhesive agent (without using mechanical fasteners)
>> >> on the exposed concrete.
>> >> If you have some recommendations, please advise.
>> >> Thanks in Advance
>> >>
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