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I need additional opinions . . .

Wind loads per AISC 7-95.  Hipped roof (3:12) building in a "T"
configuration.  The standard now (versus 93) identifies the hip ridge
condition as a zone 2 "components and cladding" region for pressure.

How about the 2 valleys created by the "T" shape?  should these have a
zone 2 defined by the "a" width?

I have one 2 "yes" and 2 "no" votes on this one.  Additionally, the
widths are different as are the eave heights, so I have different widths
and "h" values.  Are there 2 seperate "a" zone widths, or does the
larger always apply (that would certainly be the conservative approach)?

Thoughts anyone?

Thanks in advance . . .

robert d. rollo, pe