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RE: Pressure Treated Wood

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The specs that I have always used for pressure treatment of wood are the
American Wood-Preservers' Association Standards.  They contain more than you
want to know about the subject.  I have the 1993 standards with a phone
number of (410) 465-3169 in Maryland.  As you have noted, the stamps and
designations that appear on wood that you casually walk by in a lumber yard
are contained in these standards.  Other references: the APA number is (253)
565-6600.  J.H. Baxter is a large pressure-treater in California that I have
found helpful in the past.

Kent Estes, S.E.

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	Subject:  Pressure Treated Wood

	What specs apply to pressure treating wood ? I see tags on
	timbers like 6x6x8 that say "Ground Contact", "0.40 PCF", and
"CCA-C". I 
	assume this means the wood contains chromated copper arsenate at the
rate of 
	.4 lbs of cca per cubic foot of wood. Are there applications that
	would a higher rate of cca ? Thanks.