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Site specific response spectra

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I have a question with regard to site specific response spectra and how it 
relates to element design.  The structure is a one story building with 
masonry shear walls (tall slender walls), steel joists, and metal roof deck.

Due to the occupancy of the structure, a site specific analysis was 
performed by the geotechnical engineer.  His analysis revealed that the soil 
would amplify the ground motion at the site.  The graph provided in the 
report shows that for short period structures, the accelerations are greater 
than the normalized response spectra given in Fig. 16-3 of the UBC.

So far so good, we are now designing the "structure" for this increased base 
shear.  The piece of the puzzle I'm struggling with is how to design the 
walls.  Do "elements" of the structure also need to be scaled up by the same 
factor?  I have a 1990 copy of the Blue Book and in reading it, I'm not sure 
that the loads should be scaled up.  However, this does not sit well on my 
"warm fuzzy" meter.

Any thoughts or opinions are appreciated.

Chris Palmateer