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RE: Site specific response spectra

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I would crank 'em up to be on the safe side.

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> Sent: 	Friday, May 15, 1998 11:48 AM
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> Subject: 	Site specific response spectra
> I have a question with regard to site specific response spectra and
> how it 
> relates to element design.  The structure is a one story building with
> masonry shear walls (tall slender walls), steel joists, and metal roof
> deck.
> Due to the occupancy of the structure, a site specific analysis was 
> performed by the geotechnical engineer.  His analysis revealed that
> the soil 
> would amplify the ground motion at the site.  The graph provided in
> the 
> report shows that for short period structures, the accelerations are
> greater 
> than the normalized response spectra given in Fig. 16-3 of the UBC.
> So far so good, we are now designing the "structure" for this
> increased base 
> shear.  The piece of the puzzle I'm struggling with is how to design
> the 
> walls.  Do "elements" of the structure also need to be scaled up by
> the same 
> factor?  I have a 1990 copy of the Blue Book and in reading it, I'm
> not sure 
> that the loads should be scaled up.  However, this does not sit well
> on my 
> "warm fuzzy" meter.
> Any thoughts or opinions are appreciated.
> Chris Palmateer