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RE: Need "Flitch-plate" design example

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I can see now that we were thinking about two different things.  I was 
concerned with spacing of the bolts to prevent lateral buckling of the 
compression edge of the plate [ (127/sqrtFy) time thickness of plate <= 12"] 
and you were thinking about transferring the load into and out of the plate.

The plates are mounted vertically on the sides of the wood beam, and the load 
would be transferred into the plates by thru bolts, the size and number of 
bolts determined by the proportion of the load being transferred into the 
steel plates.

I have put a FBD in the mail to you and maybe that will clear things up.  You 
should get it by Tuesday.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

. > The comparison I was making to the cover plate design was that, in the 
. > cover plate design, the cover plate need only extend about 12" beyond the
. > points where the unreinforced beam is overstressed. In this case, it is 
. > clear and easy to see how the load is transferred into and out of the 
. > cover plates via welding of the plate to the flange. I do not believe this
. > analogy can be/should be extrapolated to "flitch plate" designs because 
. > the load transfer mechanism is different.
. > 
. > Regards,
. > Bill Allen
. >