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RE: Need "Flitch-plate" design example

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Re: Civil Engineering, September 1989, "Glitches in Flitch Beam Design" by J.D. Wiesenfeld.

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Subject:	Need "Flitch-plate" design example

My client does not want to remove and replace an existing 4x16 DF #1 Beam which will span 18'-6" once the center column is removed. The roof trib on the member is approximately 12'6". The beam is continuous over this support (that's being removed) and the member calculates about 22% overstressed in bending for the 18' span.
He has asked if I could design him a Flitch Plate with 1/4" steel sideplate and a 1/4" x 3" leg to rest the existing patio framing at one side.  I have not designed one before and am not really sure how to go about it. I assume it is similar to a composite beam design, yet the plate is only on one side and is to be lagged to the face of the existing beam.
If anyone has a sample of an analysis that I can follow, I'd appreciate it.
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