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H2O at Bot of Form

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Mike, it looks like this response is too late for your retaining wall but 
maybe this'll be useful in the future.  Did you consider using an 
anti-washout admixture?  The Army Corps of Engrs has done some research on 
this.  Parphrasing Engineer Manual (EM) 1110-2-2002 Evaluation and Repair 
of Concrete Structures section 6-33:

Use a tremie or pump, and an anti-washout admixture which increases the 
cohesiveness of the concrete.  Guidance on proportioning concrete mixtures 
for underwater placement is given in EM 1110-2-2000  Engineering and Design 
- Standard Practice for Concrete for Civil Works Structures.  ACI 304R 
provides additional information on concrete placed underwater.  Reportedly 
if the anti-washout admixture isn't proportioned correctly it can make the 
concrete unworkable.

EM1110-2-2000 can be reviewed and downloaded in pdf format from the 
following website:

Bill Neeley at the Corps' Waterways Experiment Station Vicksburg MS has 
done some research on anti-washout admixtures, his number is 601.634.3255