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H2O at Bot of Forms

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To all that are wondering what happened with the water at the bottom of the formed walls in the key way:
The concrete was poured with approximately 4 foot lifts.  The water in the key way was pushed out through the bottom of the forms and replaced with the concrete.
Once the form work was removed, some minor segregation (honeycombing) occurred at the bottom 1/4 inch of the wall for about 1/8 the wall length (wall length was approximately 110 feet).  The longest honeycomb was about 16 inches.  On the interior of the wall, very little honeycombing was noticed as compared to the exterior.  Overall, the bottom of the wall did not look any worse than what I have seen for concrete poured in dry conditions.
Only 1/4 of the total wall length has been poured.  The contractor has been notified to remove the remaining water prior to completing the form work construction.  The key way is a continuous 3" x 6" with a waterstop in the middle.  A pump has been used, but was only able to remove about 1/2 the water.  I have been assured that the remaining water will be removed.
Thank you to all who have responded.
Mike Brown, P.E.
Boise, ID