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Re: Soil report seismic acceleration minimums??

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Why would a soils report discuss seismic accellerations if site specific
accellerations were not specified as a requirement?   Are the GE's
selling you more than you want to buy?  Find another, or request a
revised report.

Unless the report makes clear the assumptions made to estimate
accellerations, they are of no use, and can just as easily be misused.

Russ Nester
On Tue, 19 May 1998 22:50:43 EDT Harris3803 <Harris3803(--nospam--at)> writes:
>     A fellow engineer called me today to ask what others are doing 
>now that
>soil reports have expanded into discussing seismic accelerations for 
>     This case is a one story wood frame office in Piru. The soil 
>stated a
>maximum near fault earthquake of magnitude 7 with an acceleration of 
>1.3G . 
>     My experience plan checking other projects of this type is nearly 
>all (
>all . ? ) design for '94 UBC Z= .4G and ignore the soil report . The 
>department can only enforce the code with local amendments so this 
>will get a
>    The '97 code will require a 30% increase since it is a near source 
>type b area. 
>     The engineer wanted my opinion but i was not sure of my advice : 
>to the '97 code requirements since for this type of structure, a 30% 
>is not a significant cost increase and one story wood frame to L.A. 
>standards ( Ventura Co requires this ) should do well anyway. 
>     Is there a way to equate an acceleration from a soil report to a 
>force for wood frame?
>     I would appreciate any opinions on how you would ( will ? ) 
>similar situations.
>     Thanks in advance.
>     Tom Harris , SE
>     Thousand Oaks, CA
>    P.S. Should there be a surcharge for providing '97 code design now 
>optional ) since it takes more time?

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