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RE: Artificial Time Histories Generation

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I contacted NICEE almost an year ago and inquiered about SIMQKE-II.
They answered that the software costs $5100 for "commercial purposes"
(see my correspondence below). You can contact NICEE for the most
recent price at (see for phone and fax numbers bellow):


I inquired about a cheaper software, here in this list, two weeks ago.
I was recommended the following software:

(1) PSEQGN, by Ruiz and Penzien, $200, this program generates
      However, it cannot generate time-histories matching a target spectrum.

(2) SYNTH, by Naumoski, $270, this program generates time-histories
      matching any target spectrum.
      Input:      	a target spectrum in digital form + an accelerogram
      Results:   	- the input accelerogram is scaled (if necessary)
                    	- the spectrum of the input accelerogram is computed
and compared with
                   	  the target spectrum for prescribed periods (all
happens in time domain).
                    	- the ratio between the target and the computed
spectral ordinates is calculated.
                     	- the ordinates of the computed spectrum are
iteratively suppressed/raised by
                       	  reducing/increasing the Fourier coefficients at
the j-th Period by the calculated ratios.
                         	- only the Fourier amplitude spectrum is
changed during the iteration process, i.e.
                       	  the phases of the Fourier components of the final
are the same as those of the
                        	  initial accelerogram.
      I decided to purchase this program because it is quite flexible and
the results are quite good for me.
      Dr. Naumoski generated two accelerograms as a demo for me - that's is
the background for my opinion.
      I will post more deatails about this program once I have some
experience with it ( if interest is available)
      If you would like to contact Dr. Naumoski, here is his email address:

Best regards,

======================= your mail from 05/20/98
Mr. Peter Rangelow

I read your e-mail in the SEAOC list, and I would appreciate if you could
tell me where to get information about the SIMKQE-software -, because we
have sort of the same problem here.

Best regards,

Walter Sheen, CE
Lima, Peru
================= NISEE response to my mail from 08/25/97 ===========

Thank you for your inquiry. The cost of the program is $1,100. for
non-commercial purposes and $ 5100 for commercial purposes. Your request is
being forwarded to Princeton University for further processing. When a
license agreement has been executed and payment made, we will be instructed
to send you the program.
					Mary MacCready, NISEE
At 09:26 AM 8/25/97 +0200, you wrote:
>Dear Sir or Madam,
>In the August '97 EERI Newsletter (I am an EERI member)
>I read about the release of SIMQKE-II.
>Is your software a freeware?
>If it is, I would appreciate it very much if you could send me a copy.
>Best regards,
>Peter Rangelow
>Dr. Peter Rangelow
>Hochtief AG, Abt. IKS
>Bockenheimer Landstr. 24
>60323 Frankfurt
>Phone:	+(49-69) 7117-2539
>Fax:	+(49-69) 7117-2782
>Email:	rangelow.peter(--nospam--at)
info(--nospam--at)	NISEE/Computer Applications
                                    375 Davis Hall - MC1792
Tel: 510-642-5113                  University of California
Fax: 510-643-9400                  Berkeley, CA  94720-1792