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Re: Courts putting cap on engr hourly fee?

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I watched a portion of the Senate proceedings on CSPAN yesterday as they
argued the tobacco settlement.  A senator from North Carolina proposed that
the fees for the private lawyers who worked on the .case, and got the
settlement agreement, should be limited to $250.00.  If the lawyers are paid
on their original 'contingency fee' agreement, they'll be making $187,000
per hour (no, I didn't miss a decimal point).  If lawyers can charge that
kind of money and get away with it, then why are engineer's fees even a
consideration (I say "Don't sweat the small stuff).

Lew Midlam, PE
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Date: Tuesday, May 19, 1998 10:31 PM
Subject: Courts putting cap on engr hourly fee?

>     I went to a seminar Fri by ASCE on Forensic engineering at UC Irvine
>where it was mentioned by the panel of lawyers that in the San Diego area
>courts are putting a cap on expert wittness hourly rates. They mentioned
>$300/hour as a maximum. While this is significantly more than i have ever
>charged hourly, the pricipal of courts ( run by judges who are lawyers )
>setting our rates seems unfair.
>     On the other hand, i don't see why anyone would charge significantly
>now if this is the case.
>     If anyone out there has personal experience of this i would appreciate
>hearing about it.
>Thanks in advance.
>     Tom Harris , SE
>     Thousand Oaks, CA