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RE: Load Testing

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Re: ACI-318, chapter 20.  Check with calculations first.  If you remotely suspicion that a collapse mechanism could form, provide shoring of the structure.  Design the shoring with shims that can be removed and design the shoring to take a potential impact.  The ACI methodology was developed for concrete construction.  The deflection criteria and recovery will have to be adjusted for other materials.

I have done it several times for various structures from composite plastics, concrete, steel, and wood.  It is an eye opener to see how many barrels of water it takes for to rate a structure for 100 psf.

Harold Sprague
Krawinkler, Luth & Assoc.

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Subject:	Load Testing

I am working on the renovation of an existing structure and the Owner has expressed an interest in performing a load test to verify the load carrying capacity for a portion of the structure.  My question is this:
Is there an ASTM or other industry standard which defines how such a test should be performed?  Does anyone else have experience in load testing - are there any "do's" or "don'ts"?
Thanks for your help.